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  • 24-volt-600-watt-water-element
  • 24-volt-600-watt-water-element

24v 600w water element

24v 600w water element can be used in most 25 to 80 liter hot water systems Rheem , Dux , Aquamax and Rinnai to give you off grid water heating.

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24v DC 600 Watt hot water service element

Versatile usage in heating up water, such as RV’s, boating, camping. Perfect as a dump load for small wind turbines, it can be used to heat water in your water tank or hot water cylinder, also the same as to apply to solar panels.

The 24v 600w water element can be wired directly to solar panels with around 600 watt output to heat the water. It can be connected directly to a charge controllers 24v output but it would be better to get a high current dc relay and power that by the controller and just use the relay as an inline switch between your battery ( bank ) and the element, high current cable and fuses should always be used when dealing with this sort of current, the standard water tank thermostat can be used to switch the element off automatically when the preset temperature is reached vie a relay.

* Convert a standard 25 liter up to 80 liter hot water service to an off grid water heater
* 600 watt 24 volt DC element

* Stainless Steel element comes with insulated connection leads and rubber sealing gasket
* Can be used on Rheem , Dux , Aquamax and Rinnai hot water service


• Base: Square Flat Flange 63.5mm*63.5mm

• Heater tube length: 200mm

• Material:Stainless steel

• Watt & volt: 600W 24V

• Current: 25 amps 


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