Under Sink Water Filter

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One key feature many people look for in a drinking water filter system is its ability to be installed somewhere out of sight where  it can do its job without inadvertently becoming a feature of the room in its own right. Ring Hot Water specialises in home water filtration system installation, fitting it just underneath the sink for a more convenient and thorough filtration process. We can also provide a wide selection of alternative drinking water filter system options, including under sink, bench top, fridge, reverse osmosis and whole house water filters. You can trust our experience to guide you in selecting the most appropriate solution for your property.

Choose from a Variety of Options

Ring Hot Water offers a choice of drinking water filter systems for installation. In addition to the under sink system, we also offer stylish bench top filtration units as well as filter systems for the fridge or the whole house. You’ll also find essential equipment and parts for reverse osmosis filtration processes.

Well after installation of your water filtration system, if you need replacement parts, we can assist with them too. Within our range, you’ll find filters and replacement cartridges for a wide variety of brands and filter system types.

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Reverse Osmosis Parts

Mixed Bed Resin DI Water Filter

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Under Sink Water Filter

1 Micron Carbon Water Filter

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Under Sink Water Filter

0.5 Micron Matrikx PB1 water filter

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Under Sink Water Filter

Quick Change Water Filter

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