Camp 4 Cancer


Camp 4 Cancer is a charity formed and run by a group of close friends with its sole purpose to raise much needed funds for cancer research, in particular the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. There aim and purpose is to bring people together from all walks of life for a weekend of fun and entertainment situated on a stunning private property just 45 minutes from the CBD.

Bringing families together camping utilizing tents, swags, camper trailers and caravans to raise money for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

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Naked Tuesday

Naked Tuesday is based around a simple philosophy, “make the rest of your life, the BEST of your life” Craig’s fight against Cancer and the journey he is on.

The philosophy of ‘make the rest of your life the best of your life’ is due to Craig’s fight against Cancer, Craig says “don’t wait for bad things to happen to make you start living life to its fullest!”

The page is trying to encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone, do it in a way that suits you, Graig has chosen a different way by shedding Craig’s clothes, shedding the fear of he’s body and hopefully having a laugh along with family and friends. “Whilst Cancer will get me, i’m going to have some fun before it does!” he encourage you all to try and do the same!

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The Comic’s Lounge

The Comics Lounge Comedy Club in North Melbourne, Australia’s most popular stand up comedy club hosting shows 6 nights a week with 500 seats. For the last 15 years has cracked up audiences with its unique blend of local and International stand up comedians.

The Comics Lounge Comedy Club is a hilarious two and a half hour, live stand up show accompanied by a delicious menu & the funniest cocktails in Melbourne.
They have around 2.5K people come through the doors each week. We host such names as Wil Anderson, Dave Hughes, Kitty Flanagan, Doug Chappel Jr, Evan Hocking, Dave Ivkovic, Richard Marks, Craig Coombes, Lehmo, Mayumi Nobetsu, John Burgos, Ashley Fils-Aime, Justin Fleming, Hung Le, Dilruk Jayasinha,
 & Carl Barron.

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Just A Little Unwell By Julie Toner

A married mother of 5 beautiful children (three of her own and stepmother of two). Juile live’s in Victoria, Australia and works part time as a medical receptionist.

Julie has a keen interest in genealogy and discovered family history and genetics increased the chances of hereditary cancers.Julie’s family had a link to bowel cancer – a grandparent, an uncle and an aunt had all been diagnosed previously. Julie decided to book herself in for a colonoscopy, even though she didn’t have any symptoms. Women check their breasts regularly so why should this be any different?

Julie Said “Imagine my shock and surprise when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Carcinoma – bowel cancer. I had just turned 40 and was in for the fight of my life.”

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