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Electric hot water boiling unit / chilled water filter systems, electric hot water repairs, under-sink hot water systems, automatic taps in Sunshine at Ring Hot Water we specialise in complete installation, repair and maintenance service of your boiling hot water equipment systems.

Hot water boiling unit Melbourne

Instant boiling hot water units from the tap is something we all appreciate in the office, particularly when it comes to the convince of saving your precious time. A kettle is very energy inefficient and just waste premium bench top space adding to the homeowner’s quarterly bills. Fortunately, Ring Hot Water specialises in the installation of cost-effective boiling hot water unit and best purification system in Melbourne. From an instant hot water tap, you’ll enjoy a consistent service that won’t cost you the earth. Whether it’s installed for use in the kitchen at work or at home, you’ll be suitably impressed with our superior quality boiling hot and chilled water unit service in Melbourne.


Enjoy Crystal Clear Water With Our Home Filtration Systems

Clean, clear water is vital for the health and well-being of us all. As much as having instant hot water on tap is nice, knowing that the water is clean and free of impurities and well-being contaminants is far more important. Home refrigerator water filter system is the best and becoming more affordable than ever, making their installation all the more appealing to Melbourne homeowners. In addition to hot water systems, Ring Hot Water is also able to install home water filtration systems to suit all kinds of arrangements. From under the sink units designed for use in the kitchen to filtration systems that take care of the whole house, we’ve got everything you need to enjoy crystal clear hot or chilled water in no time!

Why Choose Ring Hot Water?

When it comes to the installation of home water filtration systems and hot water boiling unit in Melbourne, there are many reasons why you should choose Ring Hot Water:
  • stainless-steel-boiling-water-tapAside from installation of the above mentioned systems, we also provide maintenance and repair services for these as well as for hot water systems and other electrical items.
  • We service much of the Melbourne metropolitan area, including Sunshine, Yarraville, Footscray and many other surrounding suburbs.
  • Our team boasts a wealth of experience, and we are always happy to pass on our knowledge and recommendations to you.
  • We sell only 100 authentic products and can deliver to any location in Australia when you buy online or over the phone.
When you shop with Ring Hot Water, you can shop with confidence – just as you can be equally as confident in our hot water boiling unit tap installation and maintenance services. We are water fittings suppliers, providing filter cartridges and also repair automatic bathroom taps, Give us a call on 0410 434 558 to discover just how we can help you.

Latest Products

Chrome Plated Brass Fittings

Chrome Plated 1/2″ Brass Threaded Elbow

$3.75 Including GST

Chrome Plated Brass Fittings

1/2″ Chrome Plated Threaded Tee

$4.75 Including GST

Everboil boiling water taps

Everboil 2L boiling water tap

$995.00 Including GST

Everboil boiling water taps

Everboil 2C Boiling Water Tap

$695.00 Including GST

Everboil boiling water taps

Everboil 2S Boiling Water Tap

$795.00 Including GST

Commercial Hot Water Urns

Birko 30l Commercial Hot Water Urn

$319.00 Including GST

Commercial Hot Water Urns

Birko 20l Commercial Hot Water Urn

$289.00 Including GST

Commercial Hot Water Urns

Birko 5l Hot Water Urn

$165.00 Including GST

Commercial Hot Water Urns

Birko 10l Commercial Hot Water Urn

$265.00 Including GST

Trending Products

Caravan Hot Water Heaters

12v Water Pump Power Adapter

$35.00 Including GST

Oven Temperature Control Switches

Stove Temperature Dual Control Cooktop Switch MDP110

$49.00 Including GST

Birko Hot Water Parts

Birko 1311032 hot water element

$148.00 Including GST

Automatic Taps

Mixer Sensor Tap

$325.00 Including GST

Chrome Plated Brass Fittings

1/2″ Chrome Plated Threaded Elbow

$4.75 Including GST

Under Sink Water Filter

1 Micron Carbon Water Filter

$18.00 Including GST

1/4" Brass Threaded Fittings

1/4″ Mini Brass Ball Valve

$6.00 Including GST

Seagull Water Purifiers

Seagull Black Water Purifier

$910.00 Including GST

Braided Flexible Hose Plumbing

1000mm Flexible Hose

$8.25 Including GST

1/2" Water Filter Fittings

1/2″ Blue John Guest Pipe

$1.80 Including GST