Birko Urn Service & Installations

birko tempo tronic spare parts

Birko urn service

We service Birko urn hot water heaters at your office, restaurant, and factory and can carry out repairs if needed. 

Birko urn spare parts

Parts for all models including 2.5lt to 25lt including everything from taps to heating thermostats.

Birko urn installations

We can Install a wall mounted Birko urn hot water heaters at your office, restaurant, shop and factory.

Birko Repairs

2.5 to 25lt Birko Parts

Birko hot water original parts and for all models from 2.5lt to 25lt Birko hot water heaters including tap assembly’s, water valves, elements, over temperature switches, heating thermostats, control boards what ever you need to get your Birko hot water boiler working again at great rates.

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Qualified specialised electrician and plumber experienced in Birko heater service.

Specialised installing and servicing Birko hot water heater systems.

Birko tempotronic

    • High quality & low maintenance
    • Australian designed & manufactured from 444 grade stainless steel with built in safety temperature cut out and a polished stainless steel outer case. Comprehensive 12 month warranty.
    • Twin-Tank technology – utilises the steam generated from boiling water to pre heat the incoming cold water, improving recovery and reducing energy consumption 
    • Suits your needs– All models feature durable polished stainless steel case
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Commercial hot water urns

Birko heater sizes available 

3 & 5lt Birko tempotronic

Great for small offices

  • <3Lt = 18 Cups Capacity
  • 100 Cup/Hour Recovery
  • <5Lt = 30 Cups Capacity
  • 150 Cup/Hour Recovery
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7.5 & 15lt Birko tempotronic

Mid Range Heaters

  • <7.5LT= 45 Cups Capacity
  • 150 Cup/Hour Recovery
  • <15LT= 100 Cups Capacity
  • 150 Cup/Hour Recovery
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25lt Birko tempotronic

Great for restaurants 

  • <25LT= 150 Cups Capacity
  • 150 Cup/Hour Recovery



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