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  • inline-water-filter-kit
  • Instant Boiling & Ambient water on Tap
  • Non Return Pressure Reducing Valve 3/8"
  • Inline water filter bracket
  • Isolating Valve 3/8" Tube X 3/8" Tube
  • Tiger Tap Adapter 1/4" tube x 1/2" NPT Female
  • Tiger Straight Adaptor 3/8" tube x 3/8" NPT

Inline Water Filter Kit

The inline water filter kit is used with undersink, caravans, water coolers or where a compact installation is needed visit our website now

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Inline Water Filter Kit

Inline Water Filter Kit Unique Advantages 

10″ x  2.5″ InLine Water Filter GAC + Polyphosphate

Our inline water filter kit effectively reduces chlorine, taste & odor and scale used undersink, caravans, water coolers or where a compact installation is needed not compromising quality.

Polyphosphate Activated Carbon Granule style filter prevents calcium scale from forming in kettles, coffee machines and ice machines 
It works well by adding a mineral that nucleates or ‘binds’ the calcium in water to itself thereby preventing it sticking to pipes, hot water elements, plumbing fittings or coffee boilers in areas with hard water supplies such as Adelaide, Alice Springs, Perth and many other areas of Australia to itself and without taking anything out of water it will protect expensive machinery and improve efficiency by preventing scale to form on the electrical elements. 

Fortunately, scale growth can be reduced by adding small amounts of polyphosphates to water. Polyphosphates are completely safe and nontoxic, and many occur naturally in foods or are added during processing. They are also used in the treatment of drinking water to combat corrosion and scaling

Filter Features & Benefits   

• Carbon & Polyphosphate In Line water Filter
• Effectively reduces Chlorine, Taste & Odor and Scale 
• Easy connection
• Compact size
• Max flow 2 LPM 
• Max pressure 125 psi
• Max temperature 38c
• Service life 5600 liters

Parts Included
• 1 x Carbon & Polyphosphate In Line water Filter
• 1 x Chrome ceramic long lasting tap

• 1 x 
Pressure Limiting Valve PLV ( protects system )

• 3 Meters Food grade water line
• 3 x 1/4″ Tube Fittings
• 1 x 2″ Filter Clamp
• 1 x 1/4″ Isolating valve
• 1 x Main Water Connector 1/2″M x 1/2″F 1/4″ port

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