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Food Truck Hot Water Heater

Food Truck hot water Heater installation kit with pump and fittings, small capacity food truck water Heater 240v fits into the tightest spaces.

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 Food Truck Hot Water Heater

10 litres: Perfect for small spaces

10L food truck hot water heater full installation kit 

Aqueous 240v hot water heater systems are suitable for food trucks with a electric water heating element that draws only a 1000 watts leaving plenty of power to run your other equipment in your truck whether on mains or generator power!!  

The ruggedly constructed Aqueous food truck hot water heater system eliminates delay due to the tight position of the water heater right next to the point of use. Even if turned off for a while (such as during the week waiting for the weekend market) it takes only 10 minutes to have hot water on tap ready to wash up.

All the common parts needed for a plumber to install a food truck hot water heater

Note: No tap or tank included 

Parts Included:

* Food Truck Water Heater x 1

* Seaflo Supreme 12v Water Pump x 1food-truck-hot-water-heater-fittingshot-water-tempering-valveboat-12v-water-pump

* 12mm X 1/2″ BSP Male Adapter x 1

* 12mm X 1/2″ BSP Female Adapter x 9

* 12mm Stem Elbow x 4

* 12mm Equal Tee Connector x 2

* Hot Water Tempering Valve x 1

* Red 12mm Caravan Water Pipe x 5mt

* Black 12mm Caravan Water Pipe x 5mt

Please lets us know if you prefer Y dividers instead of equal tee connectors


* MK2 Updated Model food-truck

* Compact size: W 409mm x H 262mm x D 267mm

* Rated Capacity: 10L

* Rated Voltage: 240v (4.6A, 1000W)

* Warranty: 12 months


* Variable thermostat 30-75°C on 240v

Durable outer case with service and inspection points

SPCC steel & enamel tank Single weld line

* Polyurethane insulation Over temperature and run dry protection

* Combination pressure relief valve and non return valve

Electrical Supply

240 vac



Heating Element

1000 watt

Weight Empty (kg)


Overall Height


Rated Capacity (Litres)


Electric Food Truck Hot Water Repairs in Sunshine, Yarraville & Footscray Area Call 0410 434 558

pdf-download-button pdf-installation-button pdf-user-manual

Extra black tube  https://ringhotwater.com.au/product/black-12mm-caravan-water-pipe/

Extra red tube  https://ringhotwater.com.au/product/red-12mm-caravan-water-pipe/

Extra Fittings https://ringhotwater.com.au/product-category/water-filter-parts/12mm-push-fit-pipe-fittings/

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 43 × 23 cm


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