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  • 850 KPA Pressure & Temp Relief Valve

850 KPA Pressure & Temp Relief Valve

850 KPA Pressure & Temp Relief Valve protects your hot water tank

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850 KPA Pressure & Temp Relief Valve

The Pressure and Temperature Relief valve (PTR) is designed to relieve the increase in pressure caused by water expansion during the normal heating cycle on a hot water service. The valve will then relieve the increased pressure by releasing drips of hot water to the drain line, Should the temperature thermostat fail and not operate correctly the water will overheat.

The temperature probe will then open the PTR valve and discharge hot water to the drain waste line. It is recommended that an ECV be fitted to the cold water supply line. This will relieve cold water, not hot water, during the heating cycle, saving energy and increasing the life of the PTR. Some local governments make it mandatory to install an ECV in the cold water line. PTR and ECV valves are safety valves and should be replaced every 5 years or as the tank manufacturer states.


* Brand Relex
Protects hot water system
* Easy to operate flushing mechanism
* DN15
* 1/2″ BSP Male inlet
* 1/2″ BSP Female drain outlet
* 850 kpa 
* Rated Capacity 10.0KW
* Max Temperature: 99c 
* Colour code Blue
* Watermark approval   

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