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There are two main types of caravan hot water heaters ie: storage and continuous ( tankless ).  Storage caravan hot water systems hold hot water in a tank where continuous (or instant/tankless) systems heat the water as it passes through a heater.  The caravan hot water heater storage tanks are available in various sizes normally range from 5 to 28 liters.

Most RV’s have the storage type hot water heater.  These storage type hot water heaters operate on mains power ,LPG gas or a combination of both. For use in smaller caravans like a Jayco camper type our Electric 10 Liter 12v / 240v hot water tanks are perfect for small spaces and can be wired to turn on when you are on the move from your car accessory 12v switch or even run from solar while camping without the fear of carbon monoxide poisoning you have with a gas heating system.

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Caravan Hot Water Heaters

Non Return & Pressure Relief Valve

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Caravan Hot Water Heaters


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Caravan Hot Water Heaters

Food Truck water Heater


Caravan Hot Water Heaters

AQUEOUS 240 Hot water Heater


Caravan Hot Water Heaters

Seaflo Supreme 12v Water Pump


1/2" Tiger Water Filter Fittings

1/2″ Blue Water Filter Tube

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Caravan Hot Water Heaters

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Caravan Hot Water Heaters


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Caravan Hot Water Heaters

Food Truck Hot Water Heater


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Benchtop Water Purifier

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Caravan Hot Water Heaters

350 kpa brass pressure limiting valve