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    $50.00 $35.00

    Non Return & Pressure Relief Valve

    The non return & pressure relief valve is to prevent water back flow and release built up pressure of hot water heater tanks less than 50lt in size.

  • non-return-isolating-valve

    Non Return Isolating Valve

    Non return isolating valve is to prevent water back flow and isolation of the water heater tank. Brass 1/2″ BSP (15mm) Flared (15C x 15C)

  • solar-hot-water-air-roof-ventsolar-hot-water-air-vent
    $45.00 $31.50

    Solar Hot Water Air Vent

    Solar hot water air vent float type is designed to vent troublesome air from solar hot water heating systems. The vent has forged brass body and cap with non-ferrous internals. 150c Rated

  • Solar Hot Water Computer ControllerSolar Hot Water Computer Controller
    $195.00 $136.50

    Solar Hot Water Computer Controller

    Can replace your Rheen Loline, Rinnai, Apricus, Dux, Bosch, Conergy or Resol solar Hot Water System Controller and even Swimming pool computers and we can install it for you.
  • solar-hot-water-sensor-ntc10k-cablesolar-hot-water-sensor-ntc10k
    $45.00 $25.00

    Solar Hot Water Sensor NTC10k

    The solar hot water sensor NTC10k measures a change in resistance in varying temperatures on a solar hot water tank system

  • solar-hot-water-sensor-tube
    $40.00 $25.00

    Solar Hot Water Sensor Tube

    Solar hot water sensor tube 200mm long x 6mm stainless steel tube with 1/2 inch fitting used on a hot water tank to hold the temperure sensor

  • Solar-Hot-Water-Thermostat-ST1301Solar Hot Water Thermostat ST1301
    $55.00 $38.00

    Solar Hot Water Thermostat ST1301

    Robertshaw ST1301 Solar Hot Water Thermostat 50-70 Degrees Replaces WSHT200 and W1M200 Used for mains pressure electric water heaters.

  • Sunmate Excess Solar Load DiverterExcess Solar Load Diverters
    $900.00 $840.00

    Sunmate Excess Solar Load Diverter

    Produces FREE HOT WATER from your excess solar with a load diverter  50W – 3600W 

  • Twin element electric hot water thermostat ST22-60KTwin element electric hot water thermostat ST22-60K
    $49.00 $35.95

    Twin element electric hot water thermostat ST22-60K

    The Robertshaw surface mount twin element electric hot water thermostat ST22-60K are installed as Original Equipment in Commercial, Domestic hot water storage tanks and heat pumps for Australia & New Zealand.