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Everboil BT20 Hot Water Urn

$1,495.00 Including GST

Bench-top Everboil BT20 hot water urn, 10lt boiling water urns are designed to provide the best solution for your needs, whether it’s in the boardroom, office, home or commercial kitchen.

SKU: Everboil BT20 hot water urn Category:
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Everboil 7LB Safety Switch Kit

$295.00 Including GST

Everboil 7LB safety switch kit, Safety button must be pressed to enable boiling hot water

SKU: Everboil 7LB Safety Switch Kit Category:
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4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap Black

$2,799.00 Including GST

4 in 1 Filtered Boiling, Filtered Ambient, Hot mains and Cold Mains Matte Black

SKU: 4 in 1 boiling water tap black Category:
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1400 KPA Pressure & Temp Relief Valve

Original price was: $75.00.Current price is: $48.00. Including GST

1400 KPA pressure & temp relief valve protects your hot water tank

SKU: 1400 KPA pressure & temp relief valve Category:
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Insinkerator Gold Tap

$455.00 Including GST

Compatible Insinkerator gold tap boiling & ambient tap water for models HC3300 H3300 GN1100 HC1100

SKU: Insinkerator Gold Tap ( 3G ) Category:
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Insinkerator Black Tap

$455.00 Including GST

Insinkerator Compatible Boiling & Ambient tap water for models HC3300 H3300 GN1100 HC1100

SKU: Insinkerator Black Tap ( 3G ) Category:
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Everboil 2BA Gunmetal Grey Boiler

$1,145.00 Including GST

Everboil 2BA black boiling water tap with a stainless steel tank for filtered near-boiling drinking water 

SKU: Everboil 2BA Gunmetal Grey Boiler Categories: ,
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Water Filter Tap (Plastic)

$35.00 Including GST

The deluxe water filter tap is the only plastic model in our water filter tap range, Swan Neck Modern European Style with a chrome finish, Fits all Water Filter and RO Systems

SKU: water filter tap plastic Category:
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