1/4″ Water Filter Fittings

Tiger Double O’Ring Fittings
Tiger 1/4″ water filter fittings offers a wide range of push in  Push-in-fittings.jpgconnectors, tube and other fluid control products for drinks dispense and pure water applications. Unique patented Tiger double O’ring locking system then holds the tube firmly in place. 

Food quality push in water filter fittings, the Tiger fittings range provides the quickest and most effective of installations with the quality assurance you would expect. Pushing the clean cut tube into the fitting is all that is needed to produce an instant but permanent leakproof connection.

The Tiger water filter fittings are just as easy to disconnect and re-use without the need for replacement parts. Tiger Beverage and Drinks Dispense products are produced in FDA compliant materials making them especially suitable for potable liquids.

1/4" Water Filter Fittings

Elbow 1/4″ tube x 1/4″npt


1/4" Water Filter Fittings

Reverse Osmosis Isolator Tank Valve 1/4″

$20.00 $8.00

1/2" Tiger Water Filter Fittings

Tap Adapter 1/4″ tube x 1/2″ NPT Female

$30.00 $16.00

1/4" Water Filter Fittings

Non Return Pressure Reducing Valve 1/4″

$30.00 $13.00

1/4" Water Filter Fittings

1/4″ White Water Filter Tube

$2.50 $1.00

1/4" Water Filter Fittings

Isolating Valve 1/4″ Tube X 1/4″ Tube

$22.00 $8.00
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1/4" Water Filter Fittings

1/4″ tube insert plug


1/4" Water Filter Fittings

Straight Adaptor 1/4″ tube x 1/4″ NPT


1/4" Water Filter Fittings

Two Way Divider Water Fitting