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  • kitchen-cupboard-air-ventair-vents-for-kitchen-cupboards

    Air vents for kitchen cupboards

    Under sink boiling or chilled water air vents for kitchen cupboards,  easy to fit air vent cover is applied to kitchen, offices, meeting rooms etc

  • crown-wall-urn-ball-float

    Crown Wall Urn Ball Float

    Crown wall urn ball float 9035 suits Crown CRN30 to CRN60 wall mounted urns

  • boiling-billy-wall-urn-ball-float

    Boiling Billy Wall Urn Ball Float

    Boiling Billy wall urn ball float 9035 suits range 2.5 to 60lt wall mounted urns

  • boiling-water-heater-thermostat-boiling-water-heater-tank-thermostat

    Boiling Water Heater Tank Thermostat

    Under sink boiling hot water cut out thermostat senses the temperature of the water so that the temperature is maintained near a desired setpoint.

  • crown-wall-urn-hot-water-thermostat-installationcrown-wall-urn-hot-water-thermostat

    Crown Wall Urn Hot Water Thermostat

    Crown wall urn hot water thermostat suits Crown CRN2.5 to CRN25 wall mounted urns models with side entry thermostat

  • crown-wall-urn-neon-lamp-panel-replacementcrown-wall-urn-neon-lamp-panel

    Crown Wall Urn Neon Lamp Panel

    Crown wall neon lamp panel suits Crown CRN2.5 to CRN25 wall mounted urns models

  • water-leak-detector-shut-off-valve-openwater-leak-detector-shut-off-valve
    $50.00 $30.00

    Water leak detector shut off valve

    The 1/4″ water leak detector shut off valve will open the valve when a water leak is detected cutting the supply from the wall to your water filter system.

  • Red-boiling-hot-water-tap-insertboiling-hot-water-tap-insert

    Boiling Hot Water Tap Insert

    Boiling hot water tap insert replacement for Crown wall mounted boiling hot water systems.


  • hot-water-urn-tap-repair-kiturn-tap-repair-kit

    Urn Tap Repair Kit

    Urn tap repair kit replacement for Crown, Boiling Billy and other model wall mounted boiling hot water systems.